Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today though I REALLY didn't want to, I dragged my ass to Boot Camp. When I say I dragged my ass, I sincerely mean it. I didn't know I could walk that slowly or the lazy voices in my head could be that loud!

That combined with the sore calves and thighs and it took all the willpower I had to get to class.
As always though, I love it once I get there and I'm always happy that I went.
David and I were talking about the stair climb and he said that I shouldn't train with the same amount of steps as the climb is. In other words, I shouldn't attempt to recreate the 1215 step climb but rather do half or set a goal of 700 steps. The key is to get in the right shape and build up the stamina and the strength to do stairs.

I'm supposed to be able to run a half marathon which is 3 miles give or take.  Since I don't, and can't run I'll never know if I'm up to the task or not.

It's my new goal to be able to go up and down the stairs at my mom's place, one time, all 288 steps two at a time.
Clearly with the way I was huffing and puffing yesterday (and my darling sister texted me today that her calves were burning after our climb) I have a long way to go to get there but I think if I keep to my schedule of Boot Camp 3 days a week and stairs 2 days for this month and then switch and do 3 days of stairs next month and 2 days of Boot Camp I'll be okay.

Dear God...

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