Friday, January 28, 2011


Today I woke up with a goal of going to the gym and doing 500 stairs on the stair climber machine thingy.
I had my bag packed and ready but wait...where is the lock for the locker door?!

Turns out that big son (who is 7) decided that I must have been kidding around after I told him 10 times
and he took it to play with and now can't find it.

Completely deflated my pumped up, bad ass pep talk that I'd been giving myself all morning long.

Now I'd have to come back home and find the lock and then get redressed and go back out again.

I KNEW the lazy bitch would have a field day with that.

I got home and didn't even look for the lock. I changed my sneakers and decided not to let the day be a waste. I was going to do stuff here at home.

Since I know it's my legs I need to work most of all, I decided to do as many step ups onto a chair as I could do.

I started out with squats and I was counting and then I started singing along to the song and completely lost count. I let my body tell me when we were done with squats. (31 was the total number)

Same thing happened with the step ups.I started counting and then got singing along and lost count (I suffer from severe ADD and have the attention span of a gnat) and so I just got to stepping and let my body tell me when enough was enough.

That chair is 18" inches from floor to seat and my little legs are only 26" long. I'm thinking I'm working just a touch harder that someone who is not as short as I am to get up on that chair!
I measure the tire at Boot Camp yesterday. It's ALSO 18 inches high so that makes me happy.

The phone rang half way through which is why the video is in two parts.
When I got back to it I had a goal of 50 (25 on each leg) and once again stopped counting and let my body do it's thing.

I'm quite certain if I'd been counting I would have cut it off at 50 even regardless if I had the energy to do more. Because I wasn't counting but rather listening to my legs and my body I did 56!!

That means I stepped on and off that chair 111 times today!!! Not too shabby for a home spur of the moment workout!

Go figure. Who knew I'd learn something new today!!

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