Friday, January 14, 2011


Tomorrow the hubs and the kids and I will head over to the Monroe Center in Hoboken to attend our beloved 8am Saturday Hoboken Boot Camps class.

(I will have my camera with me and I'll have David taking photos and video of the class.)

I decided today was the last day of my being a total candyass. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow at 8am I'm going to dig as deep as I can and work as hard as I can in class.

That's not to say that I haven't been working all along. I HAVE. It's been well documented in this blog how much I love pushing myself in class and setting insane goals and either training hard for them or busting through them.

A few weeks ago I was defeated by the 45 pound kettlebell and monster truck tire. I was unable to complete the step ups with the weight.  I rocked it with the 40 pound but the 45 pound was just out of my reach.

Tomorrow I want to tackle that damn tire again with the 45 pound weight. I want to defeat it, I want to crush it.
The last time I made a myriad of excuses why I couldn't get it done but the bottom line is, at the end of the day, I couldn't get it done.

I was put in my place by a large tire and a ball of iron. That's SO not right. It's not right and it makes me mad. I watch the video and it makes me mad.

I've talked before about how in class I'm often ego driven. I want to be the best in the room. I want to be the strongest, fastest, the one who can lift the most weight for the most amount of reps.I want to be the biggest bad ass in the room.

I'll see someone (usually a guy) grab a bigger kettlebell and my reaction is always "HEY! No way! Me too!"

It doesn't always work in my favor during class because I'll grab a heavier weight, just because I can and will often burn myself out before class is half over.

It is however, great in cases like the tire and the weight where I'm pushing against myself and I have no one to compete with but me.

Tomorrow I'm going to come back to this blog with video of me doing at LEAST 10 successful, properly executed step ups onto the tire with the 45 pound Kettlebell.

This is the 40 pound

and this is the 45 pound

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