Monday, January 17, 2011

Boot Camp & Boobs

So the past couple of days I've immersed myself in Kettlebell and weight training online blogs and videos. Spent a whole lot of time watching proper Kettlebell technique.

I applied what I saw and read today in class and while it's stuff I'd like to think I knew all along, I was super zoned into it today and felt a difference in my swings. The idea of hips as a hinge is one that I like. Heels down and glued to the floor is something I remember from the horse days. They were your anchor back then as well.

I did my swings conscious of my knees and my shoulders and hips. Making sure my knees didn't come over my feet, shoulders were open and back and I noticed something that might be TMI but since there is no shame in my game I'm gonna share with you all here.

My boobs are getting in my way. My chest is 45" around and it ain't muscle. I've been well endowed in the boobage department my whole life so I'm not at all self conscious about them. I've always had good posture, carrying myself with shoulders back and head high.

When doing the Kettlebell swings, rounding my shoulders and hunching has never been my problem. My problem comes in keeping my arms straight and unbent during the swings.

It's physically impossible for me. They have to bow out to get around my chest.   Most folks in class have their arms in a nice V formation. Mine are more of an O.

That O shape has been causing me to squat more than I should be to get the Kettlebell to swing behind me. (also blessed with shorter arms, I've felt in the past if I don't squat low I'm going to slam the Kettlebell into my pelvic bone) No, there isn't a breast reduction in my future so I need to figure out how to work around the gals and maintain decent form.

See what I mean? Way too squatty and arms are not straight but bent into that O shape.

I've never been ashamed of or felt the need to hide them. They've never been a problem for me. In Boot Camp though, I've notice that they get in my way a HELL of a lot. 

Jumping Jacks, jump rope, any sort of crawling on the ground (army crawls are no fun), hopping, or jumping I find to be a challenge in ways other gals might not. I've figure out ways around those exercises. I don't do them.
Seriously. I don't.
I just sub in an exercise that I CAN do. One that I won't be uncomfortable doing. Either mountain climbers or squats or lunges or if we have to run I'll often skip. I don't avoid these exercises because I'm self conscious. I do it because flopping boobs don't tickle.

The Kettlebells though, I don't want to find a way around them. I want to figure out how to make them work with what I've got.  I need to work out a way to maintain good, proper form during the swings. I want to make it work because I adore them and want to continue to advance with them.

I have a couple of ideas I'm going to try and I'll report back here and let you know if they work or not...


fyrikaos said...

have you looked around for a good sports bra? not having the same issues as you ( don't think i've worn a bra in a week lol) i don't have this issue... i DO have a friend who has that issue... maybe i'll bug her see if she has any tips.....but i lurve yer bubbies lol and you're right, you do have awesome posture!

Diana said...

I have but so far haven't found a sports bra that does what it advertises. I'm actually wearing one now that promises "Zero movement" and let me tell you, it LIES. It's comfy and I love it but the beasts won't be contained I guess. (grin)

One of the things I'm thinking about trying is a minimizer bra AND a sports bra. If that doesn't work I'm seriously considering a surgical style contraption like they slap on you have you have a boob job. Either that or hunting down the thing drag kings wear to hide their boobs and allow them to pass for a man.

The bottom line here is: I don't want to have ANY excuses why I can't do something flawlessly and the way it should be done.
Oh and my boobs love you too Kels.

Diana said...
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