Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to Boot Camp

I can go for months and months with not a peep in my life. My days are quiet and spend in solitude (at least from the time I drop the kids off till I pick them up again) and my routine is set and does not vary. Then you get periods like the last two weeks where life has not allowed me to get to my beloved Hoboken Boot Camps at all save for the Saturday class.

While I don't mind the flurry of activitity I do hate taking any time off from Boot Camp and two weeks is far far too much time!
I got to class on Saturday and knew I was going to feel it and that I was going to struggle to get back into it.
LORDY did I struggle! I huffed and puffed and panted and had to take it slow and modify some of exercises just so  I could get them done.

There is no class on Sunday so my next chance to get back was today.  Thankfully David has started a noontime class beacuse I had to go for bloodwork in the morning.
While I was excited to get back to class, I knew I was going to struggle again and would do so for at least the next 4 or 5 classes.

Tomorrow I'll get back to my favorite 9am class and I know it's going to kick my ass. It would be so much easier to just not go and save myself the pain and exhaustion. The lazy bitch would be more than happy to go down that road. Drop the kids off at school and head into the city for some brunch or dessert or just come home and plop in front of the computer and not move till it's time to get the kids.

A small part of my brain won't allow me to do that though. No matter how long I'm away from class I always always always go back.  I simply cannot stay away. I love the class and the people and the results far too much.

Today I went for bloodwork to check my thyroid and to get myself back on Rittalin so that I can once again begin to see the weight loss and the changes in my body that I'd been seeing before last summer.

Trying to get back on track and take better care of myself.

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