Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heavy gals

Today I went to class with the goal of swinging the 60 pound Kettlebell. I had no goal in mind as far as repetitions or number of swings. I just wanted to see if  I could do it. I would have been happy with one good swing.

David in his infinite wisdom was all for my reaching that goal but he wanted me to do it the proper way and work up to it.

At the end of class he set up a 35, 40, 50 and the 60. My instructions were to do 10 clean swings with each weight.
The 30 and 40 were no trouble. The 50 I started to feel in my legs and while I did them I struggled. The 60 I lifted it and was able to do 2 clean swings and clearly the struggle was showing in my body language and on my face. I knew I couldn't do more.

He had me put the Kettlebell down and take a break. He said that I should try to channel the energy it's taking me to contort my face and tense my muscles and transfer it to the 60 pound Kettlebell. No grunting or huffing and puffing, no screwed up faces, only deep even breaths and focus on doing 5 clean swings.

I walked around, got a drink of water, sat down and psyched myself up. I knew I could do it but I wanted to do it RIGHT. I wanted to not be sloppy and I wanted the swings to be proper and clean.

I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't the hardest I've pushed myself. A 60 pound Kettlebell is NOT the same as a 60 pound child or a 60 pound bag of groceries or luggage or even a 60 pound dumbell or barbell.
It's concentrated all in one iron ball and it is CRAZY heavy. It is also a very far cry from the 45 pound gal I've been working with.

I took a deep breath and concentrated on doing 5 good swings. Turns out I was able to do SIX good swings. WOOHOO!!!

I'm very proud of myself for not getting frustrated or giving up when I didn't succeed at our first goal of 10 swings. I love that I have a coach who keeps me in check and makes me do it all the proper way & that he wouldn't let me give up or let it get under my skin. He had me shake it off, take a break and come back. I love that I did one more swing than my revised goal.

Today was a good day!!!

Part one of the swings

Part two

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