Thursday, March 24, 2011


My husband and I have an expression: "KYL" it means "Know Your Limits" and we use it almost exclusively for fat chicks. (I can discuss fat chicks since I am a member of the club)

I think a gal with some meat on her bones is beautiful. My eye is always drawn to a more zaftig woman and I will admire her beauty first over a thin little waif that I can knock over with a strong look.

I think straight across the board gals of size need to accentuate what they have been given and I think there is plenty of clothing out there that makes us look sexy as hell.

Having said that, fat gals in clothing that is a size or three too small or shorts that are too tiny or tank tops that show off your massive boobage or don't fit and show me your rolls of fluff are bad bad bad.

It is these gals to which KYL apply. The ones who don't seem to notice that the pants they are wearing don't button or the bra they have on is too small. The ladies who attempt to squeeze their extra poundage into stuff they have no business wearing.

As a bigger gal, I'm hyper conscious of this and avoid anything that doesn't either hang loose or flatter me. I don't wear tight clothing because no one but my darling husband needs to see the rolls of flab.

When I was at my thinest weight I'd ordered this super cute top off of ETSY. I'd gotten it for one of our Disney trips but some adjustements needed to be made to it and I didn't get it back in time. When our next trip came, I'd put back on over 30 pounds and the top no longer fit.

This top is my benchmark to weight loss & body changes. I tried it on today and while we are almost there, we aren't there yet. I'll take it with me to Disney in two weeks but I'm not sure I'll be wearing it.
I do not want to be a gal that needs someone to tell her "KYL"

I am glad though that it's fitting me now. Last time I tried it on, I couldn't get it to pull down!

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