Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No School

Today the boys were off of school for I'm honestly not sure what. I'd promised myself I wasn't going to skip a single class before the Disney trip and I wasn't going to allow myself to use the kids as an excuse. They came with me.

Not their first time and not their best behaved class. They were all over the place untill I finally had to tell them to just follow me from station to station and stay out of everyone else's way. I went into class knowing I might not get the best workout today but that something is better than nothing.

I was right. I did what I could with them getting in my way and trying to do what I was doing. (You know you bring your kids to Boot Camp a lot when they can do the warmup stretches)  They sort of stayed out of everyone's way but I've seen them behave better.

Since I didn't feel like I gave 100% to the class I decided to use the kids as live weights and do some exercises with them. I got a little creative.

I also did my 15 swings with the 45 pound Kettlebell! Watching the video I probably should have done my swings away from a classmate's body but hey, no harm no foul...
Patrick is my bigger son, he's the one I do the squats with. He weighs about 60 pounds now. Brian the littler one isn't far behind his brother weighing in at about 55 pounds.

Swings and Squats

The kids wanted piggyback rides so rather than walk in a circle I used their weight to give myself a little extra workout.


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