Friday, March 18, 2011

Good day

Today I was focused on getting the kids and the husband out the door on time and with all that they needed and I forgot about me. I went to Boot Camp on an empty stomach. Really stupid idea. Ignoring the rumbles in my stomach I went to class determined to push hard today.

We have a phenomenal new-ish trainer named Jesse who I've very quickly come to adore and look forward to her teaching class. She's big on the cardio and so I know in her class I'm going to be forced to do things I hate to do and attempt to avoid (Jumping Jacks and Jump Rope and really, any kind of leaping or hopping or anything that disturbs the fat and makes it wiggle and slap.)

Because I've been with David so long, I have a relationship with him that most others don't have. I consider him my super cool younger brother from another (very cute!) mother. Feedback, comments, questions, criticism is often passed to David through me and almost straight across the board the feedback on Jesse is that she's AWESOME and a hell of a lot tougher than David. I agree sort of. I don't think she's tougher,  I think she's asking us to do more cardio and offering us new challenges and new exercises we haven't seen yet.

Today for example,she had us grab a kettlebell and do a walking overhead press the length of the loading dock. David would have had us just turn around and walk back. She had us do 10 star jumps pick the bell back up press it overhead and walk back to the other end of the dock. There we did 10 more star jumps and repeated the cycle. Then we went inside and did 100 trunk twists with the Kettlebell.

I did the dock walk with the 25 pound Kettlebell and in my desire to push myself while everyone else was doing a 2 handed overhead lift I decided to do it one arm up and one arm back. Let me tell you how badly my poor arms were screaming by the last round.

Did I mention that prior to this she had asked us to run 3 laps on the dock. I couldn't run today thanks to shin splints so I had grabbed a 15 pound bell and done an overhead walking press? Did I mention that I'd also attempted to do a windmill with the 15 pounder?

Arms, SO not happy with me.

I decided to go ahead and do my rountine with the 45 pound gal anyway. I lay down and did 10 presses and then tried to do my swings. I got to 10 and knew that was it. Car no go any further. I decided rather than give up, I would switch it up and so I did 10 squats with the 45 pound bell. By the time I got to the 10th one I was sure I would be stuck in the squat position for the rest of the day beacuse my legs were not going to get me back to a standing position.

I promised them a nice hot bath when we got home and they agreed and got me back standing up straight.

I feel really good about today beacuse I didn't let my exaustion get the better of me. I found a way to push myself without killing myself.

Smarter not harder right?

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