Monday, March 14, 2011


I am most successful in life and in endeavors when I break them down into small pieces or goal related projects.
To just roll merrily along without a destination does not work for me. I have to have my laser sights locked in on something for me to be able to accomplish anything.

Take Boot Camp. I took two weeks off, but came back stronger and more focused than before. I go to class and I'm pumped up like a crazy chick, more now I think than ever before. I sat myself down mentally and said

"Okay you slacker. We have less than a month till the Disney Trip. Till your husband's 40th birthday trip. Less than a month till you are going to drag the whole crew to photos with Mickey Mouse and drive poor Mike nuts asking him to take photos of you at various places, in various poses. Less than a month till you turn the camera on yourself and take video footage.  How do you want to look in these photos and videos?"

Even the lazy bitch agreed that I should look as smokin hot as I can and work as hard as I can to get there.

So I'll give class my all and push myself for the next 19 classes till the trip and then what? I come back after a week away and how will I be motivated? What will drive me? What will fuel the passion?

When we get back I will have less than a month till the 5 boro bike tour. 42 mile bike ride through the 5 boros of Manhattan. Last year I attempted it after not having been on a bike in over 20 years. This year I'm working to have stronger legs and when we get back from Disney I'll be going to Boot Camp and right from Boot Camp I'll be heading into the city to take my bike out and will do at least 10 miles each day.

After the 5 boro I'm not sure what is next but I do know we will be very very close to the end of the school year and the summer that got me into serious trouble last year. (I didn't go to Boot Camp and gained back 20 pounds and lost all my muscle) That alone should be motivation for me. I cannot let that happen again. Ever.

Oh by the way, my measurements today are 43" 36" 41"

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