Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kettebell Certification

Okay so I've found my new summer faux goal.
I'm going to work towards my RKC Kettlebell Certification.
It's a faux goal because I don't think I'll  be ready for it by the summer but it's going to be my goal to work every day on the requirements for the physical test.

It's an absolute BEAST of a test and if when the day comes that I can do all that is required to pass I will then give myself the title of Queen of the Badasses.

Further motivation for me to continue taking this weight off is that there is a different Kettlebell weight requirement for gals that weigh 123.5 and under. If you are over 123.5 you have to do all your work with the 16kg Kettlebell. (A little over 35 pounds) Under 123.5 you have to do all your work with the 12kg Kettlebell. (a little over 26 pounds)
That 10ish pounds makes a MASSIVE difference in the world of Kettlebells.

Either way you have to do 100 snatches in 5 minutes.

That all by itself is CRAZY bad ass, but that's only part of the test. You also have to do a 15 second flexed arm  hang plus a myraid of other things that they don't list on the site...

I watch this video and long to be as strong and agile and proficient as these folks are. It is my new long term goal. In the next 5 years I will earn my RKC  Kettlebell Certification!

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