Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm finally back on track and I can feel it. I've been to Boot Camp 5 days in a row with plans on going tomorrow as well.

I started taking the Ritalin on Tuesday before class and let me tell you what an intense difference it has made in how I go about EVERYTHING but especially how I attack my beloved Boot Camp.

It's allowing me to focus on what I'm doing and even though most of the exercise sets only last 40 seconds in the past that's been almost too long and I lose focus or my brain can't stop hopping around to allow me to focus and give my all to whatever the task at hand is.

With the drug I can concentrate on being a bad ass and ignoring what my body is feeling and just listen to my brain.

The other side effect that can't be ignored is the energy factor. Ritalin is a psychostimulant and so I experience a massive surge of energy and get up and go which allows me to push harder and go faster and for longer periods.

The last side effect that some find detrimental but I find nothing but awesome is the suppressed appetite. I have no desire to eat or snack and while I know in order to not get sick I HAVE to eat, the lack of strong appetite allows me to make smarter better food choices.

I've only been on it a week and as I said I've been attacking Boot Camp in the MOST ferocious manner but I think it's too soon to see changes in my body HOWEVER today my beloved trainer and owner of Boot Camp told me I was looking fantastic. It took me by surprise because I don't think I look any different despite feeling stronger. It pleased me so much that I stopped what I was doing and galloped over to kiss him on the cheek.

It is my goal to get to Boot Camp every day (except Sunday) till we leave for Disney World which is in 26 days. (so that's 20 Boot Camps) It is also my goal to swing the 45 pound kettlebell everyday after class adding one extra swing each day. Yesterday I did 10, today I did 11, tomorrow I'll do 12 so that by the time we leave for Disney I'll be able to do 35 swings with that weight.

If I stay on track and keep to this plan I should be confident to wear my tube top this trip...

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