Saturday, March 26, 2011


Continuing to keep the promise to myself to get to Boot Camp every single day before our Disney trip I laced up my sneakers at 7:30 this morning and slowly walked with the kids to class.

On the way there  I knew today was going to be rough. I was physically exhausted. All my muscle ached and I was just drained and tired. Going to class was probably not the smartest move but I know that I have to push myself to get results. No pressure, no diamonds.

I got there and immediately struggled with the warm ups. We went right into jumping jacks, squat jumps and jump ropes. Then we grabbed a Kettlebell and did trunk twists and push ups and swings and high pulls. From there we did figure eights between our legs and the one where we have to switch hands grabbing the kettlebell. I started with the 15 pound and had to go lighter right away. Even the 10 pound was almost too much today.

He set up a circuit of 4 rather simple exercises but each of them were almost too much for me. I told myself to dig deep and find the energy. Be a warrior, be strong, be tough. It didn't work. I was miss low energy today.

I got it all done and made it through class but I've never been so glad to see a Sunday on the calendar. I need a day off to rest and recharge.

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